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Bush Fire Prevention



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Bush fire prevention by the Brigade takes the form of both Hazard reductions and Community Information Events.

As part of Hazard Reductions the Brigade carries out Prescribed Burning of prepared sections of land deemed to be hazardous, or where previous fires have passed through. As well as assisting residents who have a hazard reduction certificate with their Hazard reductions. We also cut fire trails and perform non-burning hazard reductions

Community Information Events assist with bush fire prevention as it heightens community awareness of the danger of fire and how to prevent it and be protected against it.

Glenhaven 2 at the Glenhaven Public School Fete

Glenhaven 2 in station

Glenhaven 2 in station

Glenhaven 9 in station

Glenhaven 2

Glenhaven 9

Firewise Stand

Fire safety demonstration

Firewise Stand

Firewise stand

Glenhaven 2 filling up

Smoke at the end of the street

Blacking out the Hazard Reduction

Smoking trees

Glenhaven 2 throught the smoke

Glenhaven 2 through the smoke

Cooling down the fire

Blacking out a section of the Hazard reduction

Crew member cooling the burn down

Crew leader taking time to assess the situation

The visibility during the burn

Crew leader and Sector leader discussing the burn

A section of the Taylor Rd hazard reduction

A section of the Taylor rd Hazard reduction

A section of the taylor rd Hazard reduction

A section of the taylor road hazard reduction

Crew member supports a run down chook shed

Briefing in the truck





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